The Smart Console Professional Series features massive ergonomic improvements. Now you can work at the speed you’ve always dreamed of!

The Smart Console has all creative controls immediately accessible and no control is more than two actions away. The sophisticated interface allows you to continue performing a task with one hand while grabbing out-of-reach controls with the other.


MonARC is Smart AV’s patented technology which combines the unrivalled power of ARC Technology with the display power of High Definition Screens to create the ultimate Workstation Controller

MonARC uses the lower screen area of your existing workstation screens to display a high resolution ARC display including Channel Numbers, Names, Metering and other key overview indicators to ensure you’re always on top of your mix. Under the screen is our unique MonARC Touch Sensor, which gives instant access and control of all the channels in your project. MonARC can be fitted to any Smart Console.


ARC Technology ™ unifies the functions of interrogation and channel selection into a spatially fixed array and provides instant access to any channel or combination of channels.

Arc Technology ™ is the first audio console design to both reduce the number of knobs on a panel AND reduce the number of actions required in order to gain access to out of reach channels whilst allowing the engineer to remain in the central mix position at all times.

Arc Technology ™ eliminates the need for menus, computer screens, mice and keyboards in the mixing process as well as massively reducing the use of bank and function switching buttons to all but ‘set and forget’ functions. The user is no longer required to be a computer operator and returns to being a part of the creative mixing process. Cross-referencing, number-crunching, and button pushing is replaced with intuitive, powerful, fast and flexible interactions with a control surface designed to allow the engineer to focus on the most important task at hand – mixing.


Arc Technology ™ exhibits the following advantages over traditional console design.


A five-fold improvement in operational efficiency provides faster facility throughput, allowing work to be completed in less time than with any other console design. Installation of a Smart Console into mixing facilities results in substantial savings to overall project budgets due to the significant timesavings in the final mixing process.

Smaller footprint and reduced space requirement

Smart Consoles can take up less than 20% of the space of conventional consoles. Studios that could previously only house small mixing consoles can now mix substantially larger projects in the same space. Additionally, Smart Consoles are ideal where space is critical in applications such as outside broadcast vans.

Studio flexibility and capacity

Arc Technologyâ„¢ allows physically small surfaces to control large format projects allowing facilities to upgrade the capacity of smaller mixing rooms as well as ensuring complete control surface consistency across a number of rooms with differing audio capabilities.

Ease of use and reduced training requirements

Arc Technology ™ and its implementation in The Smart Console ™ generates an extremely short learning curve, allowing experienced operators to begin mixing literally within minutes. Expensive training courses are not required and operator approval and acceptance of the surface is extremely high, owing to its ease of use and operational clarity.

Improved creativity in the mixing process

This allows the sound engineer to focus on the mix rather than dealing with interface issues and further allows an increase of creative input from engineers producing higher quality product – better sounding mixes.


Dedicated Controls

Each channel strip features dedicated controls. Touch sensitive motorised knobs, encoders and dual encoders, each tailored to the task at hand, means that each control is uniquely identifiable.

Each channel has three dedicated EQ fans which use colour, shape and orientation to provide a clear and intuitive display. In addition to these, the self-assigning Active Controls allow seamless access to additional parameters such as eight bands of EQ, two dynamics blocks, mic-pre controls, as well as general plug-in parameters.

Interrogation and Selection

Near-zero eye-movement interrogation. “A blessing if you know what you’re looking for… a miracle if you don’t.” Wipe your finger over the touch sensitive ARC to bring channels to your eye. Keep your focus in one place to spot the element you’re looking for.

Scene Management

For live applications the Smart Console features a comprehensive Scene Management system with an Act, Scene and Cue storage hierarchy of one million storage locations. Other features include adjustable transition times, comprehensive isolate and enable functions for channel strip sections and intuitive ARC based cue management.

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The Smart Console range is designed at SmartAV Headquarters, Sydney. For more information call +61 2 9648 6744.