We have moved, new contact details

We have moved offices. The new contact details are listed below:

Mailing Address:
PO Box 161
St Peters NSW 2044
Sydney, Australia

Shipping Address ONLY:
Building 53A, Fox Studios Australia
38 Driver Ave
Moore Park, NSW 2021

Phone: + 61 2 9383 4885
Email: talktous@smartav.net (same as before)

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Iris Blossoms for KBS: Korea’s major broadcaster installs three large Iris post production suites

Puidoux, April 2014: KBS are very familiar with Merging products and with as much as 70% of the total music, drama and documentary output being handled by Pyramix, it was no surprise that, when faced with another workflow challenge, they found that Merging had the answer with the Iris networked post production system. Final delivery requirement for the servers was XDCAM MXF which was requiring the final audio file to be sent back to the video editing and computer graphics teams and this was creating something of a log jam. By equipping the audio suites with Pyramix, VCube, Final Cut Pro and a CG computer, means that the whole process can be done in the audio suite. This has major advantages if last minute changes were requested by the producer. With such a large system, a suitable and efficient audio controller would be necessary and the Tango 2 was the natural choice. In consultation with the Merging team, a feature addition to V5.0 VCube will ultimately allow the Final Cut Pro stations to be removed with a further saving of time.

In addition to the obvious advantage of completing the process in one location, it also has the rather revolutionary effect of breaking down the traditional barriers between the video and audio teams. A bold step to take but one that requires sufficient planning and budget to ensure that there are no technical obstacles that are going to obstruct the end result. The KBS TV Technical Operations team led by Mr Choi Myung Gyu and Mr Insu Hwang of Merging’s distributor, Syncfish planned the system carefully and the three rooms are identically equipped except for the number of faders on the Tango surfaces. Room A is 44 channels and the other two are 32 directly controlling the Pyramix 256 MassCore Post Pack which is in turn connected to Horus units with the redundant power option. VCube completes the system with the HD-SDI Dual Card Option with maximum video codec support.

Full equipment list:
• TekPoint HRU 400, HVR 1602 HD Router
• Harris 6800Plus FR6822+ Digital Interface Unit
• Sony HDW M2000 VTR
• Mutec iClock, MC3.2 HD Clock Generator
• Trinnov MC Optimizer.
• TVLogic LVM-553W, LVM-172W Reference LCD monitor
• ME-Geithain RL901K, Loudspeaker
• Genelec 1030A. 7070A SW near field surround monitor system
• Pyramix PostPack, 256MassCore SMP with 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card
• Horus 24CH Analog I/O redundant power
• VCube HD-SDI Dual Card option, all possible codec options with 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card
• Final Cut Pro 7.0 Promise 16TB storage with 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card
• Compix CG Character Generator with 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card
• Canare Video Patch bay
• Tango2 44 fader, 2 X 32 fader system
• Custom Tango Desk from local vendor

“KBS is already very familiar with Merging Technologies products so this was an easy choice for us to make. We knew that this Iris system would meet our workflow requirements with the potential for even greater efficiency with the new VCube version coming soon.” remarked Choi Myung Gyu; “Our operators find the Tango control of Pyramix to be excellent.”

Full press release can be found here.

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Ron Hope mixes over 500 TV shows on his Tango-Pyramix setup

“The Tango/Pyramix combo is an absolute winner. I can do the average documentary in 2/3rds of the time taken on protools. The editing capabilities of Pyramix alone put it way above protools for sound to picture work, and it’s integration through oasis with Tango produce a stunning system to rival any dubbing tools out there.

Since I bought my Tango in March 2009, I have completed over 500 shows for the major national UK TV channels (BBC, ITV & Channel 4). During the five years of using this combination, my Pyramix system has crashed 3 or 4 times, the Tango, NEVER!

When setting up my own business, I chose Pyramix in 2005, having used Ams/Neve Audiofile for over 16 years while at ITV. Then came Tango. Within 5 minutes of using it at eMerging UK I knew I had to have it. I upgraded Pyramix to a Masscore system and embarked on 160 episodes over 8 months of “Escape To The Country” for BBC 1 using the Tango. The results were amazing and I have retained that contract year on year, never missing a single delivery to date.The Tango Pyramix combination has empowered me to produce quality mixes at an impressive speed, growing my business.” – Ron Hope

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Introducing Iris, an integrated solution for Tango control surface, Pyramix DAW and Horus networked audio interface

Smart AV and Merging combined forces to create a totally integrated system. As you may already know Tango has a very tight integration with Pyramix. With the introduction of Horus audio interface combined with the Tango’s ability to control its mic-pres, the system just got a whole lot sweeter. Check out various Iris system example setups here. Here’s what Horus mic-pre view looks like on Tango.

Horus View on Tango

The parameters you can control from Tango include: phase, gain, mic/line switch, pad and low cut.

You can learn more about Tango, Pyramix and Horus integration over on Iris’ website.

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SMART AV at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

Smart AV will be exhibiting at the IBC Show in Amsterdam from Sept 7-11 in Hall 8 at Stand 94. We will be showing off the Tango 2 with extension bay as well as our ADRControl software. A software program developed in conjunction with Soundfirm, ADR Control works with Smart AV’s Tango Smart Console to command the recordist’s digital workstation allowing even the most complex of ADR sessions or foreign language sessions to run easily and efficiently.

To register for IBC 2012 click here.
For more information on ADR Control click here.

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Floating Earth Records Queen’s Jubilee Concert with Pyramix and Tango 2

Queens Jubilee

Floating Earth, an independent recording, production and post production company based in West London, were charged with the responsibility of recording the Queen’s Jubillee Concert, a massive event featuring such artists as Robbie Williams (pictured), Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones and Elton John. For the event they chose to use a Pyramix internal mixer combined with the Tango 2 controller. Read more about their set up here.

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Tango 2 scores nomination in Resolution 2012 Awards

We are proud to announce that Tango 2 has been nominated in the Desk Controller Category of the 2012 Resolution Magazine Awards.If you are a subscriber to Resolution Magazine then please go online to cast your TANGO 2 vote!


For more info on Tango 2 click here.
For more info on Resolution Magazine click here.

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Smart AV at MusikMesse 2012

The Smart AV Team will once again be at Musikmesse at Frankfurt, Germany from the 21st-24th of March, 2012.

Come and say hello on Booth D88, Hall 5.1 and see a first hand demonstration of Tango2 and ADR Control. Don’t miss this chance to get hands on with two exciting new work stations from the SmartAV team.

For more information on getting to Musikmesse, check out the official website here!

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Limited Factory Demo Units

Smart AV have a small quantity of factory demo units which are available for purchase with full warranty.

The products available are a Tango 20 unit and a Tango 08.

To find out more about obtaining one at a great price get in touch with us and let us know what territory you are in.

The Smart AV Team

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Video system update.

We are currently updating the video system. This will be back online later today.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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