The extraordinary performance and capabilities of Tango are made possible by three new and critical pieces of software technology.


Iggy is an object-oriented software application which is an interface between the workstations and the control surface and uses high speed Ethernet for its basic workstation communication interface. Iggy takes the form of a virtual large format mixing console and allows the mapping of virtually all workstation functions to a variety of physical or graphical control surfaces.

Iggy’s focus is the translation of increasingly complex workstation functions to physical controls in the most efficient way possible. Iggy has the bandwidth, resolution, and variety of controls to provide users with same experience offered by modern expensive large format mixing consoles with the versatility of function found in all of today’s modern digital workstations.


Sassi is an object-oriented graphical console which allows configuration of virtual hardware connections to Iggy in place of real hardware components. This allows complete customization of the graphical interface of Tango to the users requirements.

Components, layouts and functions can be easily configured and reconfigured, as can the look and feel of the on-screen components themselves.


A derivation of ARC Technology introduced by Smart AV and patented worldwide, is a technology which uses the top section of the Tango touch screen to display high resolution details of all the channels in your mix including Channel Numbers, Names, Metering, and other key overview indicators.

A wipe across the touch screen allows you to scroll across up to 240 channels thereby providing instant access to all of the channels in your project. By sliding your finger over the MonARC you can bring channels to faders, interrogate channels, arm tracks, solo or mute channels and more.