Over they years, we have been honored with various awards due to our advancements in technology.

about_monarchPAR Excellence

Each year at the Audio Engineering Society convention, a select group of audio professionals peruse the aisles to find the latest and greatest pro audio gear. Sequestered in a secret location, the judges then nominate and vote on their choices for the coveted PAR Excellence Award, based on the following criteria:

- Innovation

- Value

- Performance

One judge wrote, “Okay, this was the talk of the show. This incredibly cool-looking and feature-filled console-sized control surface is either going to create a whole new market or put a company out of business. ” We were 2005 winners.

about_monarchNAB Award

Begun in 2005, The 4EVER Group Product Innovation Awards are designed to recognize the products and/or services that, in the view of the evaluation team, have the potential for a significant and positive impact upon the event video industry. Event videographers work under restrictions and limitations not normally faced by broadcasters or corporate video producers, and, therefore, have unique requirements. The recommendations of unbiased sources are of particular interest to the event videographer.

The 4EVER Group team considers many factors in evaluating whether a product or service may receive a Product Innovation Award. Both objective and subjective considerations play a role in establishing Product Innovation Award recipients. We were the 2005 winners.

about_tech3Australian Design Award

The Australian International Design Awards, a division of Standards Australia, is recognised by the Commonwealth Government and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design [ICSID] as Australia’s peak design assessment and promotion body, and for its important role in fostering a culture of design and innovation in Australia.
In keeping with Standards Australia’s peak status as the national standards body, the Australian International Design Awards sets an international benchmark of design excellence and quality in manufactured goods. We were 2005 winners.